Takedown Rampage Part One: The Beginning

In a warehouse somewhere in Davao City, Mr. Skull plans to eliminate Karlos and Kyle since they wrecked his Lamborghini Reventon 3 years ago. His plans ultimately failed, ranging from destroying their cars to killing them.


Meanwhile, Kyle cruises around town with his Lamborghini Aventador J. The streets are oddly empty--traffic jams happen in Davao 24/7. He suddenly meets Karlos driving in his Shelby.


The lamp posts suddenly turned off, including the nearby Jollibee, Mercury Drug and Emcor. Mr. Skull's Mercedes pulled in wrecking both cars, rendering them undriveable.


Kyle is furious. "Why did you wreck my car?! Lamborghini parts aren't cheap you nincompoop!"


Hearing this, his men punched, kicked and poisoned him until he's dead. Poisoning him is actually making him die.


Since they're distracted with Kyle, Karlos was able to make repairs. He drove off to set a plan to save him from Mr. Skull.


Back at the safehouse, Karlos bursts his car in and parallel parks it in its parking space.


"Woah! What's the rush?" Wigwig asked, polishing his Nissan GT-R SpecV.


"Kyle--captured--Mr. Skull--poison--Avennnn...." Karlos fainted before he could finish.


"I think he's trying to tell us that Kyle was captured by Mr. Skull who poisoned him and his Aventador J is still at the street," Jerrik said.


"Woah. Cuttin' deep man," Dino replied, finishing his paralyzing potion.


Karlos becomes consious again and quickly gets in his Shelby GT500 Super Snake NFS Edition along with Wigwig's GT-R SpecV, Dino's Honda Civic, Denzel's Mustang Fastback and Kline's M3 GTS.


Since Kline is one of Kyle's bestest friends (along with Wigwig), Kline first investigates the wrecked Aventador J.


"It seems that they beat him up multiple times and he's poisoned with this bottle of Zanoits," Kline explained.


"Anything you wanna add, Wigwig? I mean Jan Patrick?" Karlos asked.


"They bashed up their cars badly. It's a waste of money since this is the only Aventador J in the world," Wigwig explained.


"What the lump?! It's such a waste of--sorry," Kurt stopped.


"How could we locate him? We don't have a tracking device yet," Karlos said, opening his Shelby hood.


"My dog could help," Wigwig replied. "His name is Wigwig the II. He could sniff out Kyle's smell! And for your information, Kyle put on Chanel perfume this morning."


"Chanel?!" Dino wondered.


"At least he has a smell to track down with!" Wigwig replied.


They took Wigwig the II in the car and opened the windows so it could sniff out the Chanel perfume. They headed downtown in Befit building, one of the buildings that serves Tae-Kwon-Do classes.


"Well, well," Mr. Skull said. "If it isn't Karlos and his buddy-bud-buds."


"What did you do to my best friend?!" Kline shouted, furious at Mr. Skull.


"I poisoned him, and now he's dead," Mr. Skull replied.


"Dead, as in, REALLY DEAD?!" Kurt said.


"Yes, Kurt. He is now good-bye forever. He can never race again," Mr. Skull said.


Mr. Skull unveiled the cloth which was Kyle tied to a post with a dynamite counting down 30 minutes. He then disappeared instantly and all the doors of the infrastructure were closed.


"What are we gonna do?!" Dino asked. "We only got 30 minutes to live!"


"We are getting a building break," Karlos replied. "Start untying Kyle, unlock all windows and do it ASAP within 28 minutes!"


"All done untying Kyle," Kurt finished.


"Unlocked all windows in the area," Wigwig also finished.


It took them 1 minute to untie Kyle and 26 whole minutes to unlock the windows. There are 41 windows in the area.


"We have 1 minute left," Karlos said. "Everyone will jump on different windows!"


They all jumped. Now Karlos and Kyle are left.


The gang cheered for them as Karlos jumps just as the dynamite and the whole Befit studio exploded.


When they got back, Kyle was revived by Dino making the antidote.


"Let's have a team. Let's call it Takedown Rampage," Karlos said just as Kyle finishes his dinner.


They all agreed and Takedown Rampage is born.


The End


  • Karlos
  • Kyle
  • Wigwig
  • Dino
  • Kurt
  • Kline
  • Denzel
  • Mr. Skull

Cars used

  • Mr. Skull's wrecked Reventon
  • Mr. Skull's Mercedes
  • Kyle's Aventador J
  • Karlos's Shelby GT500 Super Snake NFS Edition
  • Wigwig's GT-R (R35) SpecV
  • Dino's Civic
  • Denzel's Mustang Fastback
  • Kline's M3 GTS


  • When Karlos was making repairs he actually had a tool kit in the Shelby's trunk.
  • The Mercedes that was mentioned was an MB100 van.
  • The Zanoits that were mentioned is the same one from the hit cartoon series, Adventure Time.
  • Mr. Skull doesn't think too much he didn't lock the windows.