Fighter's Alley 1: Jin's Beginning

14-year-old Jin Walker is just strolling by the streets on the way home when a bunch of bullies confronted him. They beat him up and left him in the sidewalk. The people around him didn't even help, they just minded their own business.


"Dad! I don't want to learn kickboxing!" Jin said, arguing with his dad.


"It's for the best, Jin," his dad said. "Kids at school are bullying you, and it's time for payback."


They went to an alley just near Shibuya to a school of kickboxing. Jin took him until 21 years old to master it.


In the age of 22, he made his debut in the Japanese kickboxing tournament (日本のキックボクシング​​大会). He fought 3 of the greatest fighters in the tournament: Mark Shibya, Alisa Tagaoshi, and Lars Anderson (lol).


Although, Jin was to proud and too competitive. He was kicked out of the tournament in the age of 30.


He was just walking through an alley when somebody noticed him.


"Hey," he said. "Are you Jin Walker, the great kickboxer in Japan who was kicked out because of his arrogance?"


"Yeah, why?" Jin asked.


"Come with me," the mysterious guy said.


Just as they walked in, a neon sign made out of bent car neons read, "Fight Club." ("ファイト·クラブ")


In the gym, people walked to him and whispered stuff, like, "Isn't that Jin Walker?"


"Are you ready to get payback on the staff that kicked you out of the JKT?" the mysterious guy asked.


"Who are you anyway?" Jin asked, dusting off his shoulder.


"I am former kickboxer Rin Nakaimura. I was kicked out too, and I trained for years to get some payback on those guys," the mysterious guy revealed, crushing an apple.


"Check this out," another guy said.


Jin looked at the iPad on the news about Jin being kicked out of the JKT. He got mad, he punched Rin.


"Oh, sorry. I always do that when I get mad," Jin apologized.


"It's fine Jin," Rin accepted.


"We have to get payback on the staff," Jin said. "They just treat us like nothing."


"Jin, are you ready to fight the locals who are experts at kickboxing?" Rin said.


"As ready as a lion about to pounce to his prey," Jin prepared.


They went on to the first step of the training which was in a car junkyard.


"Why are we in a junkyard?" Jin wondered.


"We are here so you could know how to dodge obstacles as you fight in a place," Rin replied.


"Whaa?" Jin asked again.


Rin sighed. "It means that local battles are different from international battles. You might be battling in an office or in a coffee shop.


"Okay," Jin said. "I understand."


After training in the junkyard, they went to step two: training on the top of a train.


"What the---??" Jin was shocked.


"Sometimes battles are like this, Jin," Rin said.


After 20 stages of training, 


To be added...