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We are in!

12/09/2012 12:30
Our website is expanding as we post in Wikia! All the trivia of your favorite stories are there. Head now to now!

Stories submissions are on the way!

03/09/2012 18:15
Now you could write stories for us and it will be added in Karlos's stories here in Webnode and in Weebly!   All you need to do is to go to Contact Us and comment in the feedback! Put your best story in the message box and it will be redirected to Karlos's e-mail address!   Go...

Fighter's Alley 1: Jin's Beginning

02/09/2012 16:30
Follow Jin Walker as he masters the art of kickboxing and witness him kick some bad guy butt! Go to "Stories!!" and select "Fighter's Alley 1: Jin's Beginning" now!

Vince's awesome life!

01/09/2012 09:25
Follow Vince as he ventures through The accident Kyle has gone through. Go through the sidebar "Stories!!" and select "Vince's awesome life!"

Vince's awesome life is here!

01/09/2012 09:21
Brought to you by Takedown Rampage, Vince's awesome life is a story about the accident of Kyle being slammed with Vince's One-77. Vince IS awesome in real life. Head to Vince's Facebook to know more! (Karlos's Facebook) > Friends > Vince Nijel Paragoso (his...


01/09/2012 06:29
Hey guys! A mild earthquake has struck here. No damages, no deaths, just a mild earthquake. It started around 9:00 PM Philippine Time. I was thinking of a new story when suddenly I felt dizzy. I found out it's an earthquake because my closet is shaking and the aquarium's water is moving like...

Takedown Rampage is the biz in PISD!

31/08/2012 18:19
Takedown Rampage has sold hundreds of copies in PISD. Not only that, Takedown Rampage can be read here!

Karlos Birthday

31/08/2012 16:30
Creator Karlos will have a birthday blowout in Abreeza mall with Lexus, Uean, Vince, Lance and Mikko Jed on September 22 (PS his real b-day is in 21 but the celebration will be held the next day)!   Photos will come in as soon as the celebration has finished.

Takedown Rampage

30/08/2012 20:01
Follow Karlos, Kyle and their friends as they race around the world--from the Philippines to London! Read it here:

Visitors notice

30/08/2012 13:51
Takedown Rampage is story filled with a combination of action, racing and romance! Read it here:
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